Citrix XenApp Clients

I recently tried to download the latest XenApp 6 client. When I go to downloads , I see offline plugin and online plugin.


It was so easy to use and I thought by installing both offline plugin and online plugin I would get access to an ICA Client but it only shows Citrix Online Plugin in start menu/all programs. So I had a look in C:\program files\citrix\ica client and clicked on the application exe’s. Still no ICA Client.

So I did a bit of looking around on the web and i am not the only one confused.

There is a good article HERE on about the different Citrix Clients.

So I eventually found what I was looking for , I needed the Citrix Quick Launch Application which you can download HERE But even when you download it , it is not straight forward as you need to register TABCTL32.OCX They dont make it easy!!

All I wanted to do is test logins and roaming profiles.

If you dont want to go through all this hassle you could always just download mRemote which will let you connect to just about anything.

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