Office 365 Cutover Install

I completed an Office 365 install today and wanted to point out a few things which may help people along.

When using the office 365 mail migration program the server you are migrating from must have a trusted cert.The server I worked on today was an SBS2003 server with a self signed cert , So i just got a 30 day trial verisign cert and that did the trick.To ensure the migration tool will work you need to get all green ticks when running the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analayzer for auto discover.

Sometimes Lync wont connect even though the Office 365 Connector wizard has completed and stated the Lync setup was complete. You can manually enter the external lync server via options. The server I needed to connect to from Dublin was

There are also some updates for Lync Clients

Lync 2010 (32-bit) (7577.256) – Download – KB2496325
Lync 2010 (64-bit) (7577.256) – Download – KB2496325

Once the Office 365 Connector has completed it will display – Additional Manual Steps required to configure Outlook.So you need to create a CNAME called “autodiscover” and point it to “”
I opened up contol panel / mail / profiles then delete the existing profile and then press apply then create a new profile with exactly the same name and allow autodiscover to find your server the reason for recreating a profile with the same name is to preserve the user’s NK2 File.

What is my Outlook Web App address. Lets say my domain name was then my Outlook Web App Address would be

What server do I connect to for smart phones??

You can go the Mobile Phone Setup Wizard

Finding My Server Name

To determine your server name, use the following steps:
Sign in to your account using Outlook Web App.
After you sign in, click the drop-down arrow next to the Help question mark, and then click About.
Find the server name listed under External POP setting or Internal POP setting. If your server name is in the format, then your Exchange ActiveSync server name is If your server name includes your organization’s name, for example,, then your server name is the same as your Outlook Web App server name, without the /owa. For example, if the address you use to access Outlook Web App is, your Exchange ActiveSync server name is

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