Microsoft App-V Resources

I have been doing a lot of App-V Sequencing recently and thought I would post a list of App-V resources which I refer to on a regular basis.

App-V Sequencing Recipe Forum

Application Virtualization Whitepapers

Contains App-V Sequencing guide and common practices.

The Microsoft Application Virtualization Blog

Application sequencing SuperFlow
Must use interactive documentation on sequencing.

Sequencing articles on TechNet

InstEd IT – free MSI Editor

App-V 4.6 Sequencing Recipe – Template

Create an App-V Package Accelerator

Enable and Use the App-V Read-only Shared Cache for VDI and RDS

Advanced App-V Sequencing: Internet Explorer Add-Ins and VFS

App-V Sequencing: Built-in Diagnostics and Templates

Sequence an Application Plug-in for Dynamic Suite Composition

App-V Configuration Options

App-V with AppLocker Executable Rules

App-V with AppLocker Windows Installer RulesDeploying App-V with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Deploying App-V with System Center Configuration Manager

Deprovision a Virtual ApplicationLaunch a Virtual Application and Review Client Configuration

Publish a Virtual Application Using Full Infrastructure Mode

Run Microsoft Office in an App-V Virtualized Environment

Setting Up the App-V Management Server

Update a Virtual Application Using App-V

Updating and Upgrading a Sequenced Application Using App-V

Use App-V Metering to Manage Application Licenses

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