Implementing Kemp Load Balancers with Exchange 2010 Sp2

I recently implemented a 2 node Kemp Loadmaster 2200 array and I generally followed Henrik Walther articles on There are 2 articles

Load Balancing Exchange 2010 Client Access Servers using an Hardware Load Balancer Solution
Uncovering the new RPC Client Access service included with Exchange 2010

There are a couple of steps in the articles which have changed with Exchange 2010 SP2 and newer firmware on the Kemp Loadmasters which I can highlight below to help anyone out.

  1. Instead of manually editing and adding registry entries for rpc static ports you can download and run a powershell script HERE from Bhargav.Some of the registry locations are different in Exchange 2010Sp2 and you dont need to edit
  2. The latest revisions of Kemploadmaster firmware do not include the persistence type ‘active cookie or Source IP’ the reason for this is because Kemp are phasing this persistence method out in favour of Super http. However if you would like to enable it you need to do the following.

    Go to logging options, debug options , enable l7traces then contact Kemp and they will give you a frame number which you can enter and it will allow ‘active cookie or source ip persistence’

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