Microsoft Online Services € Pricing

I can never remember the pricing on all the different products , So here they are as a point of reference. These prices are subject to change by Microsoft and can change based on user quantities.

Microsoft Online Services (Per User/Per Month) Qty Unit Cost
Microsoft Exchange Online P1 1 €3.57
Microsoft Exchange Online P2 1 €7.25
Microsoft Exchange Online Kiosk 1 €1.79
Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving 1 €2.68
Dynamics CRM Online 1 €40.25
Microsoft Lync Online P1 1 €1.79
Microsoft Lync Online P2 1 €5.00
Microsoft Sharepoint Online P1 1 €3.57
Microsoft Sharepoint Online P2 1 €7.25
Microsoft Office365 P1 1 €5.25
Microsoft Office365 E1 1 €7.25
Microsoft Office365 E2 1 €12.50
Microsoft Office365 E3 1 €19.00
Microsoft Office365 E4 1 €20.75

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