Intsall DirSync into full SQL

Installing Dirsync is a requirement for enterprise directory synchronisation’s. When I say enterprise  i mean , directories with over 50,000 active directory objects or users. By using full sql server as apposed to the standard sql express , we can also make the database highly available via SQL clustering.

So to install it requires some small steps.

1. Open a command prompt with elevated privileges and make the directory where the dirsync.exe installation file is located the current directory. Then run this command ‘dirsync /fullsql’

2. This will install Dirsync without the standard SQL Express.

3. Next ,  browse to C:\program files\Microsoft Online Directory Sync\DirSyncInstallShell and follow the install syntax in this Microsoft Article 

4. Make Sure you are installing into a minimum of Server 2008R2 SP1 ideally SP2

5. IDFIX is a great utility recently released from Microsoft to troubleshoot DirSync errors which you can download HERE

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