Dell Migrator for Notes to Exchange – Admin Pool

As of from yesterday 30.01.15 , The admin pool feature stopped working.

To resolve this issue , assign a license to all the admin pool accounts.

Also I noticed that I could configure /adjust the Office 365 PowerShell Throttling in the MFNE console. So to Resolve this perform the following steps.

1.) Open the MNE Migration Manager.
2.) Click the Menu button in the upper right and select Global Default Settings.
3.) In the text file that opens, save the copy of current Global Default Setting, and locate the [PowerShell] heading.
4.) Remove the [PowerShell] heading and all values directly beneath it.
5.) Save and Close the file.
6.) Exit the MNE Migration Manager.
7.) Open the MNE Migration Manager and try configuring the Office 365 PowerShell Throttling settings again. You can also refer to the following KB article:

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