Hybrid Azure AD Joined Devices

Anyone familiar with conditional access, will have noticed this access control in Conditional Access policies. So what does it mean , How can I enable this, Is this a good feature.

This is not a good feature, it is an excellent feature. The best way to describe this control requirement is as follows. DO NOT GRANT access unless the machine is DOMAIN JOINED. Many enterprise companies have corporate wifi rolled out and only permit access to the corporate wifi via credentials and a machine certificate issued by the local certificate authority.

AD Connect keeps getting better and better and Microsoft have made it so easy to enable this feature. The following screenshots ill demonstrate how easy it is to enable this feature.

Modify the configuration of AD Connect and select ‘Configure Device Options’

Enter Azure AD Credentials

Note: Only select the second option ‘Supported Windows domain level domain-joined devices if you are using Azure Seamless Sign On, Azure Seamless Sign on provides the functionality to support Windows 7 and above operating systems.

Then enter enterprise admin on-premise credentials as per the image below.

Download and run the PowerShell script using on-premise enterprise admin credentials that AD Connect has prepared as per image above.

Next step is to follow this Microsoft Article : To enable auto enrollment of Windows Devices.

Now that we have enabled device auto enrollment into Intune, What are the benefits?

  • Intune Device Management – Intune can manage 5 devices per user license
  • Conditional Access Policy Control : Hybrid Azure AD objects
  • Intune – Bitlocker Management
  • Azure Dynamic Machine groups can be a useful method for managing global or large enterprise organisations.
  • Windows 10 Security Base Lines
  • Intune integration with Windows Defender ATP

These are just a small number of benefits , Open to comments on more benefits.

Update: 24.05.2019

Follow THIS Microsoft guide and block downloading from SharePoint Online on no domain joined devices

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