Office365 & Intune White list URL and IP Range

For years I have fought tooth and nail with Security vendors on my enterprise customer sites that will typically have a corporate proxy or silent proxy like Palo Alto by tryng to get them to grant the customer,site or project access to Office365.

Microsoft have made the Office365 endpoints dynamically available as a web link which all enterprise firewall vendors support like Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto can connect to.

Palo Alto guide HERE

Microsoft site Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges
Dynamic URL for firewalls and proxies 

I have faced on numerous occasions , issues with ip ranges that are outside the published Microsoft ranges. When my customer asked me what is this IP address , I cannot say it is mine and then need Microsoft to verify via a service ticket that they own the ip address.

My recommendation is also to white list the urls and ip ranges listed in this Microsoft article when using Intune. Intune network configuration requirements and bandwidth

Microsoft IP ranges outside the published ip ranges have affected me on customer project sites with Office365 ProPlus activation and Intune managed BitLocker encryption.

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