Microsoft Azure AD password protection Service vs Passwordless Authentication

When the Azure Active Directory Premium password protection service was first released, it was well received.

There a few issues with the Azure AD Premium ‘Password Protection’ service.

1: An enterprise customer will block internet access on all domain controllers
2: If using the Azure AD Premium ‘Password Protection’ service, it requires an agent installed on all domain controllers, this agent will then, communicate with a proxy agent to establish access to Azure AD. For example , ‘agent on dc’s’ communicates to agent on ‘AD Connect server’
3: Microsoft Defender for Identity domain controller agent, cannot co-exist with the Azure AD Premium ‘Password Protection’ service agent, on the same domain controller
4: Microsoft Defender for Identity service will significantly improve an organisation’s security posture in comparison to the Azure AD Premium ‘Password Protection’ service
5: A much easier and secure method of Identity Management, is to enable the Microsoft Active Directory Premium and Microsoft Authenticator services to use: Passwordless authentication.

Passwordless can protect against

BruteForce Attacks
Password Spray Attacks.

Enabling passwordless , can also help organisations, to get one step further in their Zero Trust journey

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