Behind the scenes of this blog is me, Seán O’Farrell. I am a Solution Architect with Evros Technology Group in Dublin, Ireland.


My blog posts are completely my own views & provide no warranty. My blog posts are in no way affiliated with my current employer, Microsoft, Quest or any vendor’s technologies mentioned in my blog

Over the years some of my clients have presented my blog posts by searching the net to resolve problems and some vendors have officially published some of my blog posts.

I acquired the domain informationprotection.ie, I was surprised the domain name was available, given all the so called GDPR experts that have suddenly appeared.

I have focused on Office365 since before BPOS and the Office365 platform is now a mature platform, the Office365 skillset is not so special anymore and a standard requirement for most IT professionals, Since the start of 2018 nearly all of my professional services engagements have been focused on Office365 & Azure security.

I am going to try and focus on Microsoft cloud security with this blog and invite guest peers to post security blog postings. I do not want to post generic material and always want to post items that are unique and will help people in the industry.