Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualisation

I recently completed a network where my customer connected to a multi national companies corporate network via Juniper End Point Protection.

The company I installed the network for uses this multi national companies infrastructure to perform computer programming on their equipment and connects to multiple servers within the infrastructure via a customised Citrix ICA Connection.

The multi national refused Windows 7 & Refused Sophos Anti Virus as they said it was incompatible with their end point protection policies. But the endpoint protection was very happy with Windows 7 and Sophos as were the users.

But there was one massive problem!!!! Once the endpoint protection established a connection there was no split tunnel so the users could not access their local drives outlook client, VOIP Softphones etc…

So the customer purchased HP Pro Book laptops with Intel i3 Processors which have Intel VT on the chip.So you have probably been wondering where does MED-V come into all this. I installed MED-V SP1 onto a Virtualised Windows Server 2008R2 Server, Prepared my virtual pc 2007 sp1 image and deployed it to the laptops.The programmers all have docking stations as well as 24″ Wide Screen flat panel monitors. So they use their laptop screen for communication to their own lan and Virtual PC on the big screen for their LOB work on a multi nationals corporate network and the virtual pc communicates directly to the Intel i3 processor via Intel VT Technology.

Once in a blue moon you would come across a situation like this but when you do. This is a really cool solution!

Download the administration videos here


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